Sound object
Author: Olesya Ilenok
–Da. Master program in Digital Art
This work was made as part of a workshop under the supervision of Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov
MEDITATIVE TRASH is a sound sculpture created by the principle of recycled art and using objects collected in a dump.
At rest and in the absence of external influences, the sound slowly changes due to the influence of vibration arising from the power supply. It transmits vibrations to the body of the metal bowl. They are caught by contact microphones that respond to any change in their position. Each piezo microphone is connected to its speaker and produces its sound. Using multiple microphones and speakers builds a feedback system, which creates an additional sound effect.

The viewer is invited to find the line between noise and a meditative sound and interact with the sculpture using fixed microphones. He can also complement the composition with a feedback system by turning on the recorder on his smartphone. Move the smartphone between the speakers and microphones and record the experience with the object.