Multi-dimensional installation
Authors: Olesya Ilenok and Andrey Chugunov
The premiere took place on 6 October 2023 at 'The artificial we are embodied in' event organized by _VOID Nomadic Gallery at Dream Machine Glasgow supported by the Betty McAllister Award. The show was accompanied by an impact on the sense of smell and taste.
'I got stuck in textures, nothing can go wrong' is an immersive art project - journey of self-discovery within the wilderness. This multi-dimensional installation features a 4-channel video experience, enveloping ambisonic sound, and an olfactory dimension.
In a world where wildlife outlives us by centuries, 'I got stuck in textures, nothing can go wrong' invites us to question our place in the grand tapestry of time. These ancient beings existed long before us, coexist with us in the present, and will continue to thrive long after we are gone. But what is time to these majestic trees, and what does it mean for us? When you find yourself surrounded by the unspoiled wilderness, do you sense a connection to the very earth you tread upon, as if your own existence is germinating alongside nature? The project challenges to contemplate whether you are sprouting into nature or if nature is sprouting into you. Are you becoming one with the eternal, feeling nature's touch like lichen settling upon your skin, as though you were the bark of a century-old tree?

Collected video recordings of forest bark textures and macro-footages of human skin form the basis for generative AI graphics. Forests' field recordings and records of the interaction of natural surfaces and contact microphones are combined with human-generated sound to complement the exploration of the scale of the human and the natural. This artwork explores the delicate balance between the digital and the tangible, between the human and the natural, and to question whether our contemporary world can replicate the profound connection that exists between humans and the natural environment.