Sound object
Author: Olesya Ilenok
The work was created for exhibition Grounding, Ars Electronica special project
Dokuchaev's Museum of Soil, Saint Petersburg
SCAPE is a sound sculpture created based on Vladivostok soil collected in Russky Island.

The Far East soil is unique in its diversity and complexity of composition. It is heavy, dense, and has a lot of clay. The ground here is washed away by typhoons, forcing the clay to spread out on city roads. It is washed out by the Sea of Japan, increasing the content of marine life in the coastal land. It is scattered by the winds, dispersing reddish dust around the area.

The object is a soundscape of Vladivostok, where sound is not the classic field recordings, but the nature of the area itself: the soil, the sea, the wind. The sculpture consists of washed and prepared clay and found objects from the ground. The soundscape is created by the material itself and the imitation of the wind changing its speed.
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