Urban Imprints
Workshop on urban texture printing
Educator: Olesya Ilenok
July 2022
The workshop consists of an exploratory walk through the city with using the technique of lapping/frotting. Participant can - for themself as a memento - print textures of the city.
A walk for the purpose of enjoying randomness is called a drift. The artist tells the rules by which participants choose a route in real time. The focus of the drift will be the textures of the city: paint on buildings, manholes, bricks, plants, etc. Everyone can print the selected textures on special paper and then transfer them to any fabric on their own using thermal transfer.

The walk lasted one hour. The outcome of the walk was a collective experience of drifting and individual prints of textures on fabric paper.
The workshop was held at the ArtKommunalka Museum-Residence in Kolomna.