Digital installation
Author: Olesya Ilenok
The work was created for the digital-based exhibition "The City"
Curator: Anastasia Patsey
Co-funded by EUNIC
The viewer of the exhibition could interact with the scene with the mouse. Hovering the cursor over the words allowed us to see the frequency of word usage in Russian street art.
Numbers can be poetic. Words make us talk to the city. The city asks for paint, and artists respond to that call.

The phrase «Если тебя и меня нет, то как мне быть? Я не ты, но мы – это все, что есть» can be translated into English as «If there are neither you, nor me, what should I do? I am not you, but we are all that exists». Inscription consists of words that are great likelihood to be found in the text on the street in different Russian cities.

For the work, a dataset of 5000 images of textual street art from different Russian cities was collected, which was then analyzed by an algorithm to calculate recurring words. The final statistics of the first 18 words became the basis for a poetic phrase.

Where could such a phrase, which simultaneously combines different artists and cities, but at the same time gives birth to new meanings, be located? It is housed in a digital city, whose buildings are generated by neural networks, and whose walls and grayness resemble buildings from any Russian city. This city is accessible from anywhere and consists of numerical calculations just like a phrase.