Garden of Eden
Media installation
Authors: Olesya Ilenok, Daria Litvinenko, Julia Sufianova
The project was made as a part of Videomapping workshop. Tutor: Yan Kolnberzin
–Da. Master program in Digital Art

Let's protect nature from waste! - this opposition between nature and garbage is firmly embedded in our culture. Nature is primordial and natural, while trash as a product of our life activity has a negative connotation: it is secondary, separated from the system and requires processing of its natural state. But what if this is not quite the case?
Garden of Eden references Timothy Morton (Dark Ecology) and Slavoj Žižek, who see trash as a natural part of our ecosystem that we need to stop turning a blind eye to. We invite the viewer to plunge into the Garden of Eden as the original human habitat and to rethink the notion of garbage as a hyper-object in the context of dark ecology.
Used media:
trash from Russkii Island,