Alice in Wonderland
Primorsky Youth Theatre
two-act fantasy play, 2 hours and 5 minutes
Premiere 10 May 2019
Alice in Wonderland is a two-act fantasy play for the whole family in the main repertoire of the Primorsky Youth Theatre in Vladivostok, Russia.

Alice in Wonderland is the legendary tale of the wonders and adventures of a girl who believes in dreams and miracles, created by Lewis Carroll over 150 years ago.
"If everything in the world doesn't make sense," said Alice, "what's stopping you from making up some sense?"
After all, only to such a special girl, could this phantasmagoria, full of English humour and mystery, have happened.
That's how we open the door to a wonderful world, so you can take a magical journey after the White Rabbit and find out why it's easy to believe the impossible in Wonderland, how to rescue the Mad Hatter and return home.
Our play is not just a magical story, but a real, vivid adventure in which there is always a way out of the most senseless and unbelievable event. The main thing is to never stop being surprised and to believe in miracles!
Since 2019, the Zariski Art Studio has existed at the Yeltsin Center, bringing together young artists with and without disabilities, with equal participation from those who are connected with visual art as a profession, as well as those who draw for fun. The format of the laboratory implies joint research and lack of canon, the opportunity to try and make mistakes, the search for communication within the group, and the search for one's own artistic language. "Zarizovki" cooperate with artists, illustrators, cartoonists, and designers. The result of creative collaboration can vary from an exhibition to a limited-edition line of accessories.
Welcome to ABT polis! A city created by the community of the "Zarisovki" project.
Maybe ABT polis does not exist on a real map, but it is definitely in our imaginations! Each element of urban infrastructure did not appear by chance and reflects our relationship with each other, nature, and animals.
Builders of the city first researched the world around them and then on the basis of this knowledge invented and embodied their fantasy world. We walked around Yekaterinburg, taking notes about all the objects on our way, trying to look at them through the eyes of a traveler. We discussed how cities are formed and called, what the coat of arms means and what is depicted on it, what elements make up the urban environment and why citizens need public art and street art. We played word games, determined the name of our city through democratic elections, and planned and built districts of ABT-Polis brick by brick, investing in each of them our strength and dreams of an ideal place to live.
Olesya Ilenok
Director - Lidia Vasilenko
Chief Artist - Svetlana Zarubina
Choreography - Tatiana Domovidova
Composer - Evgenia Teryokhina
Media Artists - Yulia Sufyanova, Olesya Ilenok, Valeria Polshina